Server rules loopholes and a job suggesion

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Server rules loopholes and a job suggesion

Post by Jack Blackheart on Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:52 pm

I found some loopholes in the server rules that may or maybe not be made on purpose.
i want to bring them up and explain the loopholes so awesome people like me dont break stuff by this misunderstanding.

(notice how awesome i am)

rule 3. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule), this means that you are NOT allowed to go back to the place you died in 5 minutes, or revenge the player who killed you.

seems police cant break nlr if someone raiding police station like the past servers

Rule 4.Fear RP, if someone is pointing a gun at you, you are not allowed to take out a weapon or run away. You need to fear the gun. After you get shot/shot at by the person keeping you under gunpoint, you are allowed to try run away to save yourself.

the loophole here is that u say fear rp, if someone is pointing a gun at you.
but if he turns to look behind himself or sideways not aiming towards you, ur allowed to run as he aint aiming at you anymore

Rule 17. Don't put down printers while you're building, it enables you to be raided.

The loophole here is that u mention printers and printers only.
The dealers and gangsters that possible having some guns laying around as they build got to have peace from all raiding because its not part of this rule.

Rule 24. A hitman must advert if they receive a hit. This is to avoid confusion when a hitman completes a hit.

By adverting that they receive a hit, no rules demand they must advert when they finish the hit.

25. The minimum money that must be payed for a hit is $400 and Max is $1250. This is to reduce hitman abuse.

there is no loophole here but i want to inform you that it should never be a max price for a hired assassin.
think about if he gets hired to kill a hard target like the mayor protected by the police or ganglord and his gang.
you are an assassin and ur job is to murder someone for others.
its a deadly risk that require skills, time and weapons.
ye maybe u want a low price to get a mayor in the police hive dead, but this max price aint worth for an assassin unless he is always out in the street picking his nose..
im happy with the min limit

32. Raid/Mug Rules.
Do not random raid, this means that you are not allowed to raid without a reason. You need a valid rp reason. Good reasons are, you saw printers, shipments, druglabs, weapons etc. Or general roleplaying reasons, Police suprise raid (If suspected criminal), base owner did some harm to you etc. Your job is not a valid reason to raid.

random raid is never random as you expect a profit from it like any thiefs does when they break in.
u may be aiming that at roleplay reasons but then it dont fit with each others well.
police cant raid even if they suspect someone without something magical called evidence.
if witness they are allowed to knock on the door and with suspect and get him to police station for questioning (from the door, not inside the suspects home unless he is inside refusing to come).
if they see evidence from the door or catch him lie by telling things wrong with the person he been with that moment, then its valid to investigate their apartments or whatever.

I also suggest a detective job for trusted roleplayers that investigate apartments to avoid random policemen to walk in and eat up anything during their investigation.
the people u investigate might have license for those legal guns, and random cops cause random problems when they get access to it.
if detective finds something, gunshots heard or detective goes silent by death or kidnapping, the police is free to raid with missing detective as reason.
his job is also to talk with witness, suspect and minor suspects.

Ps: im not happy with private detectives if u have it.
they should investigate crime for the police living, on the given salery and maybe bonus if the mayor being kind roleplayer
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