Moderator Application Format

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Moderator Application Format

Post by Brick Tamland on Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:14 am

You MUST wait at least 2 week before applying for admin.
This application MUST be taken seriously, be mature and no jokes otherwise its an instant denial.
If we find out any of the information you have given us is false e.g age, you will be demoted and a possible punishment may be put in place.

DarkRP Moderator Application

Steam name:
RP name:
Real name (first name):
Do you have a microphone:
Total Garry's Mod time played:
Total JSRP time played:

Any previous staff experience?
if so(where) :
if so(how long) :

ULX experience?:

Why do you think you should be moderator?:

Questions & Answers

A person is threatening to crash the server, what do you do?:

A person just called you and said someone RDM'd him but he/she has no proof that they did, what do you do?:

A person is prop-climbing into someones property, what do you do?:

A person is mass RDA'ing and/or mass RDM'ing, what do you do?:

Dark RP Knowledge (Answer Briefly)

What is RDM and give an example of it:

What is NLR and give an example of it:

What is MetaGaming and give an example of it:

What is SelfSupply and give an example of it:

Any Other Comments?:

Do you agree with the statement below:

By submitting this application you understand all of the servers rules and what is to be expected of you. You also understand that if you do get accepted and you are caught abusing you will be banned and moderator status will be taken off of you. You also agree that no matter the situation you will sort it out and not just leave in a rage. You will not permanently ban someone just because they are harassing you. You also agree to not swear at players and treat them unfairly. You also agree that asking mods+ to comment on your application or telling players to look at it will put it in risk of a lock and deny. You also acknowledge that the agreement can change at random and you will still have to agree with it.

Only Staff may vote on applications.
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