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Post by Juan Hermandez on Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:13 am

If you are caught breaking any of the server rules you will be given a warning through the use of the !warn command on ULX. This warning system creates a log of the date, time and reason for your warning that any staff member will be able to check via the console code ULX seewarnings . The command will also echo to all the users on the server in the same way that most other ULX commands do to prevent staff from abusing the command.

Staff must give a legitimate reason to the warning such as "RDM, NLR, Prop Minge"


1st incident: Warning
2nd incident: Kick
3rd incident: 24 hour ban

Mass RDM: Instant ban for 36 hours (1 1/2 days).

Mic spam:
1st incident: Warning and 5 min gag
2nd incident: Warning and 15 min gag
3rd incident: Warning and 30 min gag
Final (4th) incident: Gagged until you can prove that you can use the mic chat properly.

Text chat spam: A 24 hour mute on third warning.

Staff evasion: Straight up Permaban.

Impersonating Staff: Straight up Permaban

If a warning will expire 24 hours after you get one. So if you are warned on the 10th september at 12:00pm. That warning wont count to any other warnings (Such as mic spam warnings) on the 11th september at 12:00pm.

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