Pharmacist / Doctor

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Pharmacist / Doctor

Post by Pimping Bill on Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:50 am


This job's purpose is to more realistically recreate medical RP. It would be a lot more realistic to go to a pharmacy or doctor's office and get a prescription medication than just have a medic come up and heal you with a swep. To add to realism, you could (possibly) edit the code for the Drugz Mod to make the aspirin to heal the player over time? If this happens, you could either go to a real doctor / pharmacist, or choose the cheap route and buy some bootleg aspirin (You could use PCP for this, which would heal about 50% - 75% as much as the real stuff) from a shady back-alley dealer. I believe this would add to realism because this happens sometimes in real life when people who live in a country with paid health-care ( MHMH America MHMH )
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